kind words from our happy client base

"Keli - These look like phenomenal numbers to me. You are terrific. Great job, Keli. "



"I think I love you Keli - this is just what I wanted to hear. Thank you for taking such good care of me. I am really excited about everything you are doing and you have made me feel very confident in you. Thank you for bearing with me and all of my questions. I am really trying to get this right now and you are just so good with all of this. I am very pleased. Have a wonderful Holiday"



"As always, I appreciate all of the time and energy you have invested into my project. I feel like we're almost family, LOL! You're simply the best and I'm glad we are working together. PS- Thanks for your candid advice about the monthly monitoring service...You're complete honesty throughout this project has really been impressive. Please let me know whenever you think it would be beneficial for me to start the monthly monitoring service. I know you will tell me when the timing is right. Thanks Again!"

Realtor - Site Withheld per request.


"I was just told by a colleague that "everyone" is talking about me.... :)  I think I told you that a couple months ago I took that technology class and the instructor kept using me and my site as an example.. well apparently he's incorporated me into his formal course outline! I heard from several he brought up my site during class and talked about it as a success! Thanks for all YOU'VE done for me Keli."

Do you see what I see on this page, I am #1 and ABOVE realtor.com !!!!!



You are the best!



"Wanted to give you an update and thank you for referring Keli.  Her SEO results have been fantastic and I have been very impressed with her work."



"I just came up 8th on page one of Google using "phoenix real estate MLS" and the same position using "phoenix homes for sale".

"I also received 2 phone calls today from people who had found my site on various search engines. One from Colorado and one from Oregon

I'm certainly not complaining, but how can this be? I know that you just started submitting to the search engines and I think you said that it might take 4 to 6 months to get placed, or whatever the term is.

Are you just a miracle worker?"



"I am extraordinarily impressed with the web design and SEO Keli E did for us. She is very easy to work with. It's easy to communicate what you want, and she gets it done quickly. Unlike calling "tech support", Keli explains things in plain English. You don't have to be a computer whiz to understand what her different services are, and how they will help your business. I gave Keli a draft of what I wanted for our website and she made it real. Her work always has a very professional look. Customers will be able to tell that you had a pro do your site.

What was most impressive to me were the SEO results. I always thought it was an unattainable goal to be #1 on the search engines - or even in the top 10. We actually had somebody call us and offer to do this for us at a cost of $10,000. It gave me the impression that only the "big guys" could make this cut. For a much smaller fee, Keli was able to accomplish just that. My site went from an unfindable ranking to top 5 on major search engines in a couple of days. We're #2 on Yahoo!, #4 on AOL, and #5 on Google. These are national rankings - they aren't limited to my city. It knocked my socks off! I was expecting maybe top 20 or 30. Keli knows her business, and I confidently recommend her to anyone."

Kim Mayfield


"In the last few days I have gotten NO LESS than 3 calls or emails directly from my Web site, with people making appointments to see me. AMAZING! The lady today from Taos said she found me on the Web, searched other sites but really liked mine – she said she loved how she could search for homes, mark the one she liked and then get to me without having to fill out a form just to get the initial information she wanted. So much for the traps.

Anyway I wanted to CONGRATULATE you on such a great job! HAPPY NEW YEAR!"

Linda DeVlieg, ePRO


"You are MY RESIDENT GENIUS. As for me, I'll just take credit for having made the choice to use your services!!! I meant to tell you today - when I returned last night from vacation, I'm starting to average 1 lead every 2 days off the site! That's amazing to me!

And I thank you completely and totally for those results."

Barbara Madaras

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