Search Engine Copywriting (SEO) Services

Does your copy speak to your audience and make them click?

EVERY WORD COUNTS in search engine optimization.
Professional copywriting will help you get the MOST
out of your researched keyword phrases.

The step after thorough keyword research and analysis is copy development. The text on your Web site is one of THE most important factors that WILL help drive targeted traffic to YOUR site. It is HIGHLY suggested that you have your copy professionally written by a seasons SEO copywriter. There is a HUGE difference between traditional copywriting and writing for the search engines (and searchers!) We've written for MANY industries and do not post your copy until you approve. Do it right the FIRST time to save YOU money and get traction in the search engines.

You NEED Professional Search Engine Copywriting!

Fill out our business analysis worksheet and we'll have our copywriter create you professional, 'optimized' copy for your Web site. The copy will be based upon your researched keyword phrases.

Is your Copy "ME" Focused?

Is your home page "me" focused or does it address the needs of your clients? Your home page shouldn't be about *me me me*. Instead it needs to address what you're going to do to help your potential clients, how you're going to solve their problems, fulfill a need they have with a product you sell. "Me" focused copy is why you have an "about us " page - period. Having a home page address what you're going to do for a potential client is one path on the road to success. Why should someone purchase your product or retain your services? Address this on your home page and explain how you're going to do it.

Remember, it's all about THEM! People come to your site to find a solution to a problem whether it be through a service you offer or a product you sell - address their needs in that initial 9 seconds before you lose them to someone else that WILL address their needs.

Copywriting Services for Sites that aren't SEO'd

The copy on your Web site, regardless if it's optimized based upon keyword research or not is very important to your site. How else, without words, are you to convey what you're all about? Text. We also offer *non SEO'd* copy writing for those that don't have an optimized site. As with our SEO copy writing service we'll HAVE to get information form you about your services, your offerings, your company, etc. You'll be sent a worksheet to help get our copywriters started.

Pricing Structure
(Writing Costs for SEO and Non SEO Copy)
Web Page Copy Writing (non SEO)*  
Each page includes one round of revisions
Each additional round of revision
Web Page Copy Writing ( SEO)* **  
Each page includes one round of revisions
Each additional round of revision
Copy Editing  
Each Page $75/page
Copy Proofreading  
Each Page $50/page

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