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You typically won't see a (good) SEO company optimize a page for one keyword. It would take a considerable amount of time and people typically don't search on one phrase from what research shows. For instance, let's say someone is looking for coats, they might type


in to the search engines. That brings up ~33 million results - pretty overwhelming to say the least. So in order to narrow that down they might try:

winter coats

that brings my results down to ~5 million - now we're getting somewhere.

To narrow it down even further, our searcher might now try

leather winter coats

~3 million results, much better!

The scenario above illustrates how a typical product search may go. Now days, people are skipping straight to the 2-3 word phrases when doing their research. Why? They've taught themselves how to search efficiently and effectively, saving themselves time and getting the information they want quicker. This is one of the reasons SEO professionals optimize for keyword niches such as "leather winter coats" rather than "coats".

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most used word phrases in search engines on the web are:

July 2006


 July 2005

1. 2 word phrases 28.91%   1. 2 word phrases 29.60%
2. 3 word phrase 27.85%   2. 3 word phrase 27.55%
3. 4 word phrases 17.11%   3. 4 word phrases 16.21%
4. 1 word phrases 11.43%   4. 1 word phrases 13.42%
5. 5 word phrases 8.25%   5. 5 word phrases 7.58%
6. 6 word phrases 3.68%   6. 6 word phrases 3.21%
7. 7 word phrases 1.59%   7. 7 word phrases 1.34%

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