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Search Engine Optimization What it means, what to expect, and how it helps!pdf
When it comes to performing searches on the Web, most Internet users don't look beyond the first several pages of results. If you're doing business on the Internet, it's crucial that your site is ranked as high as possible for your chosen keyword phrase(s). That's where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in.

Exchanging Links - Have We All Gone Mad?pdf
Learn what to look for when considering a backlink exchange partner. Quality not quantity! Are you exchanging properly?

So Where's My Ranking?pdf
You just launched your brand new Web site. You spent a lot of time, thought, money and energy into making it the best you can. It’s been about a month and you can’t find your new site in the search engines, in fact, no one has placed an order or called.  Now you’re asking yourself, “where’s my ranking?”

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