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$2000 - Website Audit & Compatibility Analysis Report **
In this report we examine key factors on your site and determines what aspects need to be optimized/changed in order to be search engine friendly and search engine compatible. We will send you a detailed .pdf report outlining our findings and suggestions to make your site optimal for search engines. This is a great report for webmasters needing to optimize their clients site. This report gives exact instructions on what needs to be done and comes with 30 minutes of consulting.

Our reports and findings are presented to you in such a way that you can hand off to your Web designer / developer. This prevents any security issues your company might have with a 3rd party accessing their online date. This is perfectly acceptable and how many companies want their changes implemented. However if you would like us to make the changes there will be an additional cost. Please contact us for details about your specific project as they all different and will have different fees associated with them.

View more detail about the Web site audit.

Some of the data generated and evaluated with your report:

Optimization Best Practices
Usage of Researched Keyword Phrases
Optimized Title Evaluation
Meta Description Tag Evaluation
Site Map

-Report can take up to 4 weeks to complete
-Report are created for your Web master/Web person
-Payment is due in full before report is delivered

$1200 - Yearly Analysis **
Just like your car, your Web site needs a periodic *overhaul*. By this point your site has been optimized, indexed by the search engines and has been assigned ranking. If you haven't monitored your site or kept up with regular *house keeping* tasks, now might be the time to get started!

Since search engine optimization (SEO) is the only advertising medium where you can actually learn valuable information about your clients we use it to make decisions about your Web site and try new ideas. It's important to stay on top of the latest tactics as well as to know when to let go of outdated practices. By watching a site closely and monitoring user habits you can determine what's working and what isn't.

Yearly Analysis - the big one!
Here is a list of what we examine when *looking under the hood* of your Web site:

- Traffic Monitoring - report of your Web sites monthly unique visitors (going one year back if possible)
- Keyword Referrer Report - what are people typing in the search engines to find you?
- Success Count
- Backlink Count
- Form Audit
- Backlink Audit
- Keyword Phrase Placement Analysis - Can we do better?
- Are the titles optimal given the assigned keyword phrase?
- Analyze site interlinking - do we need more less?
- Analyze anchor text for site interlinking
- Keyword Phrase Analysis - Can we do better? Are there better phrases out there? Keyword research is done at this stage
- SEM Evaluation & Suggestions

$450 - Quarterly Analysis - like our yearly audit but with less items evaluated.

$200 - Monthly Analysis - like our yearly audit but with less items evaluated but on a more frequent interval. This keeps you on top of your sites activity in order to spot problem areas (or incidents may arise that leads to new pages and ideas).

$200 - Keyword Phrase Generation (Basic)
We'll analyze your business/company in order to find up to 100 keyword phrases that target your market niche on the Internet. We find this niche by extensive keyword research based upon the information you provide us in our worksheet. Targeting and using keyword phrases that have not been researched will waste your time and cost you precious, targeted traffic! This is one of the most important parts of a properly optimized and SUCCESSFUL Web site. Search volume is included with this report.

$400 - Keyword Phrase Research & Competitive Analysis (Advanced)
Generating keyword phrases that are actually typed in search engines that aren't too competitive is the goal of this report. We take the generated keyword phrases from the exercise below (Keyword Phrase Generation) and put them through a competitive analysis. The results of this procedure will provide you with a list of the most effective keyword phrases for promoting your Web site. Phrases are color coded as to what our Senior Search Engine Optimization Consultant would use if it were her Web site. Keywords are arraigned several ways: by alphabetical order, competition and search volume.

$50 - Broken Link Check / Price for One Report per One Domain
A very important audit - the broken link check. Broken links are something you should have checked often and repair when found. Ideally this audit should be run on a monthly basis and no less than 4 times a year. After a redesign or page addition/removal is also an ideal time to run a broken link check. A site with broken links isn't very "healthy" nor helpful for your users, giving them a bad experience on your Web site. This report checks for both external and internal broken links. Report is given to your Web developer/master for clean up or we can do it for our hourly rate.

Reports can take up to 4 weeks to complete. **
Reports are created for your Web master/Web person.
Payment is due in full before report is delivered.

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