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Although there are many more measurements used to determine Internet Marketing success these days, hitting a top spot in Google for a "money phrase" is still a great thing. All searches below were performed by Google. The results were achieved by organic tactics only; there were no fee, pay-per-click, etc, used.

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Web Site
Keywords **
divorce and child abandonment issues ***
albuquerque daycare
albuquerque christian church
gourmet popcorn
hulless gourmet popcorn ***
albuquerque private dance classes ***
salsa dance classes albuquerque ***
albuquerque glass repair ***
albuquerque studio mirrors ***
albuquerque bail bond company **
boston marriage annulments attorney ***
albuquerque bail bondsman
glass art gallery
dale chihuly glass art for sale
dale chihuly glass chandeliers
online glass art gallery
dallas linux consultants
luxury homes in albuquerque **
help for single dads
albuquerque home loan
albuquerque plastic surgeon
albuquerque breast augmentation
albuquerque cosmetic injections
hand labeling machines
labeling machines for craft beers
search for albuquerque homes
albuquerque real estate ***
albuquerque salon ***
bulk chile supply ***
albuquerque xeriscaping
commercial chillers albuquerque
commercial hvac servcies albuquerque ***
albuquerque back pain shoes ***
albuquerque pain relief footwear

* site optimized for Site Awareness (outsourced)
** sites optimized for (Keli helped to develop and start SEO department)
*** sites optimized for (Keli was the head of the SEO unit)


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