Our Guarantee to You

No one can guarantee you a #1 ranking in any search engine, not even the search engines themselves make this claim. Please read what Google has to say about this issue. While we CAN improve your ranking and traffic in most cases; we simply cannot guarantee the behavior of something we cannot control or own. By keeping up the with fast pace of technology and search engine algorithms we keep our clients happy by achieving their search engine ranking goals in an ethical way.

Be wary of SPAM E-mail claiming to improve your ranking by listing your site in 1000's of search engines. This is SPAM and a VERY frowned upon technique. PROPER SITE OPTIMIZATION is your ticket to increased search engine traffic. Search engines want real sites with real content - no trickery, shadow pages, gateways, doorway pages or keyword stuffing should EVER be used when doing SEO.

Bear Canyon Consulting, LLC adheres to the Bruce Clay SEO ethics and standards when it comes to optimizing our clients Web sites and we're very proud of the rankings we have helped them to obtain and keep.

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