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Who is Bear Canyon SEO?

I'm Keli Etscorn, founder and CEO of Bear Canyon SEO.com located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Since I was a young child, I was always infatuated with numbers, patterns and trends; which probably influenced my decision to pursue the math degrees that I currently hold (BS in Mathematics/Computer Science – MS in Mathematics). At age 11, my father put me on a UNIX mainframe at the local university where he taught neuropsychopharmacology. From that point on, I was destined to be a "geekette."

I've been involved with the Internet since 1996. In 1998 my husband and I put together a fiber optic ISP in our home. At the time, we were the first house in the US to have fiber optics laid to it. Our ISP was purely a Sun Microsystems network and with our 24-strands of single mode fiber, we could move the world's bandwidth through the comfort of our own home! After a few years of running the ISP business, we chose the consulting path (we had bought up all our competition in the state; the ISP is still in our family). I started my own business consisting of the following services: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), E-Commerce classes, Web design and E-Commerce development in 1997.

SEO & How I Came To Be

Through the ISP, I acquired Web design clients and they in turn brought with them a need to be found in the search engines. I spent then – and now - a few hours each day researching this wonderful, constantly changing industry. My SEO methods seem to get the job done and more importantly, make my clients happy with the results I achieve.

In 2002, I launched BearCanyonSEO.com - a site dedicated to the SEO services I offer; it also includes helpful tips, information, articles, and tools for others who want to learn the intricacies of SEO. I didn't go to school to learn SEO - all the information is out there. (Although I do think my math background helps!)

In 2003 I put together the SEO unit of AttorneyLocate.com - one of the biggest attorney portals in the United States. I served in a leadership role there heading the SEO department along with running my own company from home. I've had the opportunity to work with thousands of attorneys all over United States, helping them to achieve their Internet Marketing goals. I also currently serve in a behind-the-scenes role for several large marketing firms and Web design companies as their SEO person

My Philosophy on SEO

I do ethical, organic SEO. I don't practice anything that could even be considered even "borderline" spam. If it sounds "spammy" or raises any doubts, I won't do it. In the long run such practices won't help my company or my clients - so why bother? I don't offer any Pay-Per-Click (PPC) services at this time. I'm always watching the industry, so I may reinvestigate later. It's all about how happy my clients are and meeting their sales goals.

I don't take on projects I don't feel comfortable with, and in fact I have turned down many requests. To take on a project I can't do hurts both the client and my company. I am also one of the few companies that posts my LIVE client rankings. If I'm not comfortable with my work, I shouldn't be in the industry.

I educate my clients in the fundamentals of SEO and make them a partner in the process. I've found this makes them feel comfortable with what I'm doing and helps me give them an edge over their competition. The more they understand about what I'm doing, the better they'll do.

Why I Do SEO

For the enjoyment and pure satisfaction of it.

We comply with and support this Code of Ethics set forth by industry leader Bruce Clay.

Bruce Clay Code of Ethics

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