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Albuquerque based Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of making sure a Web site is obeying the search engine "rules" coupled with carefully written copy all while creating an intuitive navigation. This is done through ethical optimization practices and tactics with the end goal being increased targeted traffic, overall improved search engine positioning with the end goal being more clients for your Buiness.

Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and many more) is rapidly becoming a big factor for Internet Marketing success, it's pretty much a must these days in any good Internet Marketing / Albuquerque SEO program.

In simple terms we're a Internet marketing company located in Albuquerque, NM. We offer professional SEO services that help our clients gain new clients through better / higher rankings in search engines for popular keyword phrases that humans actually search on. No other marketing medium in the world can do this. When someone sits down to do a search, they're looking for WHAT YOU DO. Are you at the top of Google so that these searchers can find you?

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How will MY Web Site ever be found?

Current studies on search engines report that about 85% of Internet users use a search engine once a day and if they don't find what they're looking for on the first two pages more than 50% will abandon the search. This is where Website optimization and strategic Internet marketing come in. Not having a Web site that abides by search engine terms can prevent your Web site from achieving the placement you need to do successful business on the Internet. Does your Web site obey the terms and agreement of the most popular search engines?

How does a Website audit work?

First we send you a brief survey / questionnaire that helps us to understand your business, your goals, what you'd like to do with your Internet presence and more. At this point we thoroughly analyze your Web site by running a number of tests to determine its search engine compatibility. These elements include mechanical failures (broken links), usability issues, keyword research and more. When the Website audit has been completed we will send you a document (15-25 page full color PDF document with screen shots) that breaks down the changes that need to take place on your Web site in order to properly optimize it for the search engines and maximize traffic opportunities. Your Webmaster can make these changes or we can do this for you at an hourly rate. Once your Web site site is optimized it will be ready for the major search engines.
This is our most popular service.

How will you optimize my Website?

Search engine optimization starts out with thorough keyword phrase research and analysis - the most important step in any SEO campaign. Our client think of some great keyword phrases... but are humans typing them in search engines? Without proper keyword research, you'll have no roadmap for your optimization project. There are at least 300 elements Google examines which means a lot of work goes into a properly optimized site. One such element is keyword rich content. Our team will work with your text/copy to incorporate your researched keyword phrases. We keep an online garage so that you can monitor what we're doing to your site and see the research that goes into your project.

A typical optimization project will go like this:
There is much more along the way but this is the basic structure of most optimization projects.

What happens after optimization?

A benchmark report is initially generated that displays your metrics and statistics related to your Web site. Six months after your search engine optimization has been completed we we run another report (depending upon the package) to monitor the results. During the optimization period we analyze your site statistics, referrer traffic, other metrics to determine where improvements can be made - and make those improvements. Search engines can take a few months to rank (not index) your site so be prepared to wait a bit before enjoying your increased targeted traffic. Our search engine monitoring services includes necessary changes that must be made in order to keep your site on the top in case of major algorithm changes.

Want to learn more? Please read our search engine optimization page and positioning services page.

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